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A male patient has been treating the lesions on his hand (see photo) with over-the-counter salicylic acid solution off and on for one year. He is embarrassed by the appearance of his hands and the lesions are spreading. Which of the following treatments is the MOST appropriate at this time?

2.*A 30-year old man has this lesion on his finger. It has been present for 3 years. What is the most appropriate morphologic term to describe this lesion?
3.*This patient has the pink papules and plaques seen here. What serotype of human papilloma virus (HPV) is the most likely cause?
4.*A mother brings in her 8-year old daughter Sarah for a well-child visit. Sarah also has a plantar wart. You are discussing with her mother the available vaccinations for disease prevention, including HPV vaccines. Which of the following statements is accurate?
5.*A 30-year old man presents to your clinic for this painful plaque on his foot. After examining his hands and feet you tell him that it’s a wart and it looks like it is the only one. He hasn’t tried to treat it before and wants to start treatment because it’s painful. What is the most appropriate first-line therapy for this patient?
6.*This is an 18-year old young woman with multiple warts on her hands for the past 4 years. She had them “frozen” by another provider and it hurt so much she is refusing “anything” that hurts. Which of the treatment options below is the most appropriate choice for the care of this patient?
7.*An 8-year old child is brought in by his father. The boy has had several warts on the back of his hand for the past 3 months. The father wants to have the warts “burned off”. The boy is more hesitant and thinks one of the warts on the back of his hand is “going away on its own”. You decide to educate the boy and his father about the chance of spontaneous remission of warts. You tell the father that “without any treatment about ___ out of 4 kids have their warts go away after two years.”

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