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F064 - Treating Tumors and Inflammatory Skin Diseases with Immunomodulators and Biologics

Saturday, March 2; 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Learning Objectives

Following this course, the attendee should be able to:

  • Categorize and differentiate dermatoses based on their inflammatory versus neoplastic origin and their potential responses to topical and systemic immunotherapies.
  • Recognize potential applications of immune-based therapies outside of conventional uses.
  • Select therapeutic options to modify a disease process in addition to alleviate symptoms based on the immune mechanisms that create them.


As the understanding of the immune system pathways continues to expand, so must the potential applications of immunomodulators that can impact the biological underpinnings of diseases instead of just symptoms. As we move towards a more personalized therapeutic approach, dermatologists should be aware of the multitude of therapies that exist and where current ongoing research is heading in order to ensure that patients are provided with all available and most appropriate treatments. Knowledge of the biological mechanisms of the drugs will improve utilization and application, as well as patient partnering and quality of care


  • Fairley, Janet A., MD: arGEN-X – C(NC); Immune Pharmaceuticals – I(Grants/Research Funding);
  • Friedman, Adam J., MD: AbbVie – Speaker/Faculty Education(H); Aclaris Therapeutics Inc. – I(Grants/Research Funding); Allergan, Inc. – Speaker/Faculty Education(H); Amgen – A(H), Speaker/Faculty Education(H); Bayer – SP(H); Biogen – A(H); Dermira – C(H); Eli Lilly and Company – C(H); Encore Dermatology, Inc. – C(H); Exeltis – C(H); Galderma USA – C(H); Hoth Therapeutics – A(H); IntraDerm Pharmaceuticals – C(H); Janssen Biotech – SP(H), Speaker/Faculty Education(H); Johnson and Johnson Consumer Products Company – C(H); La Roche-Posay Laboratorie Pharmaceutique – A(H), C(H); Medscape – Speaker/Faculty Education(H); Menlo Therapeutics – A(H); Novartis – A(H); Oculus innovative Sciences, Inc. – C(H); Orlando Dermatology Aesthetic & Clinical (ODAC) – SP(H); Ortho Dermatologics – A(H); Pfizer Inc. – C(H); Promius Pharma, LLC – A(H), SP(H); Regeneron – Speaker/Faculty Education(H); Sanova Works – C(H); Valeant Pharmaceuticals International – I(Grants/Research Funding); Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America LLC – A(H);
  • Han, George, MD, PhD: Celgene – I(Grants/Research Funding); Eli Lilly and Company – I(Grants/Research Funding); Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); MC2 Therapeutics – I(Grants/Research Funding); Pfizer Inc. – SP(H); Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – A(H), SP(H); Sanofi – A(H), SP(H); Sonoma Pharmaceuticals – A(H); Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. – SP(H);
  • Kircik, Leon H., MD: 3M Pharmaceuticals – I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Abbott Laboratories – SP(H); Ablynx – I(Grants/Research Funding); Acambis – I(Grants/Research Funding); Allergan, Inc – A(H), C(H), I(H), SP(H); Almirall – C(H); Amgen – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); AnaptysBio – I(Grants/Research Funding); Aqua – A(H); Astellas Pharma US, Inc – I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Asubio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – I(Grants/Research Funding); Bayer Consumer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals – I(Grants/Research Funding); Beiersdorf, Inc. – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Biogen – A(H); Biolife – I(Grants/Research Funding); Biopelle, Inc. – I(Grants/Research Funding); Breckinridge Pharma – I(Grants/Research Funding); Cassiopea SpA – C(H); Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc. – I(Grants/Research Funding); ColBar LifeScience Ltd. – A(H), C(H); CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Connetics Corporation – A(H), C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Coria Laboratories – I(Grants/Research Funding); Dermik Laboratories, a business of sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC – SP(H); Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences, Inc. – I(Grants/Research Funding); DUSA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – I(Grants/Research Funding); Embil Pharmaceuticals, Co., Ltd – SP(H); EOS – A(H); Ferndale Laboratories, Inc. – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Galderma Laboratories, L.P. – A(H), C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Genentech, Inc. – A(H), C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); GlaxoSmithKline – I(Grants/Research Funding); Healthpoint – I(Grants/Research Funding); Intendis, Inc. – A(H), C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Isdin – A(H); Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company – A(H), C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SH(ST), SP(H); Laboratory Skin Care, Inc. – C(H); Leo Pharma Inc – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Medical International Technologies – C(H); Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation – I(Grants/Research Funding); Merck & Co., Inc – C(H); Merck Serono – SP(H); Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC – C(H); NanoBio Corporation – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Nucryst – I(Grants/Research Funding); Obagi Medical Products – I(Grants/Research Funding); Onset Dermatologics – I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Othro Dermatologics – A(H), C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Pfizer Inc. – I(Grants/Research Funding); Pharmaderm – I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Promius Pharma, LLC – A(H), C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); PuraCap Pharmaceutical – C(H); QLT Inc. – I(H); SkinMedica, Inc. – A(H), C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Stiefel a GSK company – A(H), C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. – A(H), SP(H); Taro Pharm – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); TolerRx – I(Grants/Research Funding); Triax Pharmaceuticals, LLC – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Valeant Pharmaceuticals International – A(H), C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Warner Chilcott – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Xenoport, Inc. – I(Grants/Research Funding); Zalicus – I(Grants/Research Funding);
  • Kirkorian, Anna Yasmine, MD: no financial relationships exist with commercial interests.
  • Patel, Vishal, MD: Castle Biosciences, Inc – A(H); Regeneron – SP(H); Sanofi Genzyme – SP(H); Science 37, Inc. – E(SO), SH(ST);
Saturday, March 2
1:00 PM
Dr. Han / Off-label Applications for Biologics
1:18 PM
Dr. Patel / Immunomodulators for the Treatment of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers
1:36 PM
Dr. Kirkorian / Biologics and Immunomodulators in Pediatric Dermatology
1:53 PM
Dr. Han, Dr. Patel, and Dr. Kirkorian / Q&A panel
2:00 PM
Dr. Friedman / Looking for Immunomodulators in Unlikely Places
2:18 PM
Dr. Fairley / Biologics and Immunomodulators for Immunobullous Diseases
2:36 PM
Dr. Kircik / The Role of Antibiotics in Treatment of Cutaneous Inflammatory Conditions
2:53 PM
Dr. Friedman, Dr. Fairley, and Dr. Kircik / Q&A panel
Event Details
  • Date
    Saturday, March 2
  • Time
    1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Location
    Room 201
  • CME Credits
  • Type
  • Adam J. Friedman, MD, FAAD - Handout
  • George Han, MD, PhD, FAAD
  • Anna Yasmine Kirkorian, MD, FAAD - Handout 1, Handout 2
  • Janet A. Fairley, MD, FAAD
  • Leon H. Kircik, MD, FAAD
  • Vishal Patel, MD, FAAD