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F080 - Botulinum Toxin Applications: Past, Present, and Future

Saturday, March 2; 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Learning Objectives

Following this course, the attendee should be able to:

  • Indentify the landmarks of vital neurovavascular and muscular anatomy, in order to inject successfully and prevent complications.
  • Recognize the multiple mechanisms of action of the class of neuromodulators.
  • Compare the different clinical injection techniques for men versus women and recognize when standard injections need to be altered for optimal outcomes


The medical world of neuromodulator usage has grown and evolved, even over the last year. This botulinum session will cover the anatomy as it relates to injection of botulinum toxins as well as the advanced, new, clinical techniques and indications. The future of neuromodulators, what is on the horizon and what is available in different countries will also be addressed. The attendee will leave this session with an in depth understanding of where we have come from, where we are now and where we are going with neuromodulator uses.


  • Alam, Murad, MD: Pulse Biosciences – C(Fees);
  • Anand, Chytra V., MBBS, MSc: Allergan, Inc – A(H), Speaker/Faculty Education(H); Merz Aesthetics – Speaker/Faculty Education(H); Venus Concept – C(EQ); Viora – C(EQ);
  • Bertucci, Vince, MD: Allergan, Inc – C(Fees); Allergan, Inc. – A(Fees), I(Fees), SP(H); Croma-Pharma GmbH Austria – A(NC); Galderma Canada, Inc – A(Fees), SP(H); Galderma Laboratories, L.P. – A(Fees); Galderma USA – I(Fees); La Roche-Posay Laboratorie Pharmaceutique – A(Fees), SP(Fees); Merz Aesthetics – A(Fees), C(Fees), I(Fees); Revance Therapeutics, Inc. – C(Fees), I(Fees), SP(Fees); TEOXANE Laboratories – A(OB); Valeant Pharmaceuticals International – C(Fees);
  • Braz, Andre, MD: Allergan, Inc – A(H), SP(H); Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC – SP(Fees);
  • Green, Jeremy, MD: Aclaris Therapeutics Inc. – A(H); Allergan, Inc – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Bonti – A(H); Brickell Biotech, Inc. – I(Grants/Research Funding); Candesant Biomedical, Inc. – I(Grants/Research Funding), SH(ST); Clarisonic – A(H); Cutera, Inc. – SP(H); Cynosure, Inc. – SP(EQ); Endo International plc – A(H); Evolus, Inc. – A(H); Galderma Laboratories, L.P. – I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Galderma USA – A(H); Lutronic – I(Grants/Research Funding); Merz Aesthetics – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Pulse Biosciences – I(Grants/Research Funding); Revance Therapeutics, Inc. – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Sienna Labs, Inc. – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding);
  • Kaufman, Joely, MD: Allergan, Inc – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Alphaeon – SH(NC); Bonti – A(Fees); Cutera, Inc. – SP(H); Endo International plc – I(Grants/Research Funding); Galderma USA – A(H), I(Fees); Lutronics, Inc. – A(H); Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC – I(Grants/Research Funding); Neothetics – I(Fees); Revance Therapeutics, Inc. – I(Fees); Sienna Biopharmaceuticals – I(Grants/Research Funding); TEOXANE Laboratories – I(Fees);
Event Details
  • Date
    Saturday, March 2
  • Time
    3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Location
    Ballroom C
  • CME Credits
  • Type
  • Joely Kaufman, MD, FAAD
  • Andre Braz, MD
  • Chytra V. Anand, MBBS, MSc
  • Jeremy Green, MD, FAAD
  • Murad Alam, MD, FAAD
  • Vince Bertucci, MD, FAAD