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U022 - Practical Practice Enhancements: Applying Evidence Based Strategies

Friday, March 1; 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Learning Objectives

Following this course, the attendee should be able to:

  • Identify strategies for using medical scribes to decrease dermatologist burden and burnout.
  • Describe specific techniques for engaging in practice quality improvement for enhancing dermatology practice efficiency.


Multiple approaches to enhance the clinical efficiency of dermatology practices have been piloted and published in the literature in recent years. This session will focus on implementation of established practice enhancements based on successes in a variety of academic and private practices. The role of medical scribes and their impact on practice volume, physician productivity, and patient satisfaction will be reviewed. Proven strategies to effectively engage triage support staff will also be described. Finally, customization of electronic medical record features and algorithmic assessment of clinic workflow design will lead to increased awareness of performance enhancement strategies.


  • Nambudiri, Vinod, MD, MBA: McGraw-Hill Companies – O(OB);
  • Watson, Alice Joan, MD, MPH: no financial relationships exist with commercial interests.
  • Yang, Fei-Shiuann Clarissa, MD: Modernizing Medicine – A(SO);
Friday, March 1
4:30 PM
All faculty / Evidence Based Practice Management Strategies
5:15 PM
All faculty / Q&A
Event Details
  • Date
    Friday, March 1
  • Time
    4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Location
    Room 140B
  • CME Credits
  • Type
    Practice Management
  • Vinod Nambudiri, MD, MBA, FAAD
  • Alice Joan Watson, MD, MPH, FAAD
  • Fei-Shiuann Clarissa Yang, MD, FAAD